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yellow-meI spent a very looong day yesterday in Guimard. Moderating* a very practical strand at the 2nd Digital Competency day**. Had one more chance to compare  SharePoint and Confluence wiki – both collaboration tools offered by DIGIT, both have their stronger and weaker points. Was able again publicly admit my complicated relationship with DG CONNECT: I do admire their risk-non-averse culture and digital competence that allows them to organicaly embrace no-one-has-seen-before tools, on the other hand, can’t avoid thinking that would they concentrate their charisma and energy on promoting more widely used corporate tools, we could quicker reach a different level of digital competence as the whole organisation ***. Discovered existence of something I never heard before -YUM and WACS sort of  Skype or GoToMeeting tools developed by DIGIT. Was among the first 20 ppl to review the new DG HR Learning portal and some other things Read the rest of this entry »


Digital analytics – further than teenage sex


Digital analytics master class presented by Nicolas Malo (courtesy EP and CEIII as best example of interinstitutional cooperation) – that was the last thing I did before leaving for Xmas holls. I really enjoyed the possibility to get further than teenage sex level of my familiarity with the issue*:


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Hurrah! We are Nr.4 amongst top 10 – yeah, flops, but TOP!!! – of European 2.0 communication. Brave entry into Social Media battlefield of European Personnel Selection Office** – did receive its recognition! See; hope @euroced will appreciate the promotion and will pay me with same. Read the rest of this entry »

Who are you, my Indian twin?


So now I am part of statistics. Linked-in membership grows by approximately two new members every second, says Wikipedia. Wander who is my linked-in statistical twin – probably someone in India – they have the fastest growing network, same source says. I’d like to meet him/her – to ask why did they link-in (just) now? Read the rest of this entry »

Did fathers of Europe love her enough?


It’s in fact because of my orange boots. That I wear because I drive chocolate brown Vespa. Which allows me to save time to get from point A to point B in Brussels rush hour. And that’s on a regular basis  – because I have 4 daughters that don’t drive yet. Read the rest of this entry »

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