Ambering Vilnius for Front Offices. A bit of sorrow.


As defined by some sort of online dictionary – verb “amber” exists and is (rarely) used to define an ancient technology of preservation. Most commonly used for insects, but I guess it might be also suitable for memories, in particular poetically yellowish ones.

And poetically yellowish Vilnius was the destination. Read the rest of this entry »


Sigaren kopen



To Belina, Chris, Nadia, Robertas, Vaclav, Kristina and of course Marceline – the lekkerest Hagelslag group of all language courses I had in my life.  And I had quite a few .

I am sorry; I can’t cut the navelstreng that kept us attached to each other every Tuesday and Thursday from 13:45 till 15:35. NL emotions continue to overflow me and you are the only people who might understand.

I went to Deventer yesterday to move my daughter from one apartment to another. And I went to the bookshop. And I bought myself a present – Jip and Janneke thing, because I thought it would be awkward if “50 shadows of grey” would be the only book that I would have read under Marceline’s influence. Read the rest of this entry »

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