Ambering Vilnius for Front Offices. Ode for joy.


Having left morning sorrows behind we strolled down Gediminas street (used to be called Adam Mickievicz  street, as well as Saint George’s, Stalin’s and Lenin’s – depending on who ruled the city; in soviet times it was more known as Brodas – Lithuanian abbreviation of Broadway, tribute to longing for the freedom somewhere there – where chewing gum, jeans and vinyls of The Doors would sometimes be smuggled in).

That’s how it could have looked like in those days – hair probably longer, unless caught by milicija, who would shave it by force. And these are really most comfortable benches I have ever sat upon; sadly not on Brodas anymore, but I know where to find a few:

There is such a longing for the Brodas of those days that in 2013 masses gathered to recreate atmosphere: check the galery. Read the rest of this entry »


Ambering Vilnius for Front Offices. A bit of sorrow.


As defined by some sort of online dictionary – verb “amber” exists and is (rarely) used to define an ancient technology of preservation. Most commonly used for insects, but I guess it might be also suitable for memories, in particular poetically yellowish ones.

And poetically yellowish Vilnius was the destination. Read the rest of this entry »

Welcome to Lithuania


I noticed I get nervous when I get a twitter follower. Not that I would be unpleased – people who join me are people that mean something in the circles where I would like to mean something, and for a lazy and shy networker that I am twitter looks like a least demanding effort. Read the rest of this entry »

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