CEIII Dubl-Linked-in

toast masters

no, we were not there on Monday. but good listening, thinking and sharing we had.


1. Day one. Dubl-in.

What if someone told you tomorrow you will have lunch in a swimming pool and dinner in the train station? If this were before June 2015 – I would have thought joke. Any time from now- i’d say: sure, let’s go to Dublin. Read the rest of this entry »


Invitation to check moral gyroscopes


I do have very irregular blogging habits (the reason to call them convulsions rather than habits) – react on impulse and mostly on Lithuanian one. That’s why I have slightly more characters on my Lithuanian blogs: http://namop2.wordpress.com/and  http://galibuti.popo.lt/. Read the rest of this entry »

Does it take Chingis Khan to bring customer focus into a public service?


If you, like me, work for the public institution – would you tell me if you know what CRM is? I expect 2 possible answers:

1) yes, you know that CRM stands for Customer Relations Management and you are aware that this is the way to maximize your efforts whilst minimizing costs, which makes it a critical element of any responsible business Read the rest of this entry »



Hurrah! We are Nr.4 amongst top 10 – yeah, flops, but TOP!!! – of European 2.0 communication. Brave entry into Social Media battlefield of European Personnel Selection Office** – did receive its recognition! See http://www.puisney.eu/flop-10-communication-europeenne-social-media; hope @euroced will appreciate the promotion and will pay me with same. Read the rest of this entry »

Kassandra or guerilla: choice of usability evangelist in a civil service


Back from NN usability week  http://www.nngroup.com/events/, the best conference ever – or at least from the one that’s seems like a cure for middle age crisis in a life of a civil servant. If “at least” is at all appropriate in such context.

Because middle age crisis what is it? You thought buying leather and craving for Harley Davidson between your legs? That I had earlier – orange boots and Vespa Read the rest of this entry »

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