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yellow-meI spent a very looong day yesterday in Guimard. Moderating* a very practical strand at the 2nd Digital Competency day**. Had one more chance to compare  SharePoint and Confluence wiki – both collaboration tools offered by DIGIT, both have their stronger and weaker points. Was able again publicly admit my complicated relationship with DG CONNECT: I do admire their risk-non-averse culture and digital competence that allows them to organicaly embrace no-one-has-seen-before tools, on the other hand, can’t avoid thinking that would they concentrate their charisma and energy on promoting more widely used corporate tools, we could quicker reach a different level of digital competence as the whole organisation ***. Discovered existence of something I never heard before -YUM and WACS sort of  Skype or GoToMeeting tools developed by DIGIT. Was among the first 20 ppl to review the new DG HR Learning portal and some other things I would really like to debrief you upon next time I join you in the meeting.

But because I was stuck for the whole day in G3, I missed all other talks and looks like they were enlightening, fun and interesting, also showing tendency for a cultural change:


MT stands for “modified tweet”. The whole picture means that VP (OK, Chris) has modified Nick’s tweet where he was quoting VP – and thing went viral, with 100 000 retweets by next morning.

I tried to catch up by looking at filmed sessions on My Intracom (in fact that was just an intention, didn’t have time for it) and by sorting posts by hashtag #ecdigiday on yammer (just type it into the search window). And discovered there was  a guy called Thomas Power, who talked about the need to shift from institutional thinking to networking thinking and to stay up-to-date regarding effective use of digital technologies. Or rather about shifting from CSC to ORS. My ques is these will become very trendy abbreviations in some corners of the Commission. Or on some floors. Where you won’t mind to be. If you prefer visual hint rather than video – here you are:


So this Thomas Power suggested two simple tests to find out how much ORS you are. Easier than staff survey even: that’s the one that told me I am a friend  (take the indicator) and that’s another – according to which I am High Yellow. Suggest you try these – because it is fun, but also because rumours are you’ll be requested to add the result to eCV, so HR would know how to better organise the teams.****

Another way of getting a flavour of a very successful, crowded and high-level pitched 2nd Digital Competence day is to read a unique publication Digital Times 2014.  For those of you who take public transport I will leave a couple of printed copies in my office – feel free to pick one. My favourite article is the one by Conrad Toft – about Japanese art of Taek-waimajemaildo (be an email ninja that is).

Wanted to write this blog on SharePoint. But couldnt’t get permissions for every link and picture. Yammered to Digital Chief about it. He said he understands. We talked après-ski. That’s public on yammer, in case you are curious.

* together with e-mail ninja. or rather next to him. such a pleasure…

** the link to MyIntracom will only work from your office PC. That’s in case you don’t have better things to do but read my blog, when not in office.

*** Which is probably not their job. So I will keep admiring.

****that’s a joke.


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