Digital analytics – further than teenage sex

Digital analytics master class presented by Nicolas Malo (courtesy EP and CEIII as best example of interinstitutional cooperation) – that was the last thing I did before leaving for Xmas holls. I really enjoyed the possibility to get further than teenage sex level of my familiarity with the issue*:


I didn’t expect presentation to touch upon CRM issues, so I was double happy it did. I find it non-surprising that 1) CRM is important addition to digital analytics to form the global Big Data picture :


But I found it remarkably striking that 2) improving customer experience is a top priority for 54% of organisations –more than process efficiency, cost reduction or improved risk management :


The fact that 3) 56% of organisations struggle on how to get value fromBig Data and 41 % have problems defining their Big Data strategy  – suggests we shouldn’t despair, but try to catch up.

However, my favourite reading on WA is Avinash Kaushik blog. His most recent post on Reporting Squirrels vs Analysis Ninjas is a must read to everyone willing to engage into DA business and avoid otherwise inevitable mistake: being fascinated by pure possibility to fetch numbers (squirrel job) and forgetting that it’s only our ability to spot predictive patterns within these numbers that is meaningfull (go for Ninja’s).

Have you ever thought that sign #7 (out of 12) that your organisation is set up for magnificent success in embracing data driven culture is that “25% of all analytical effort is dedicated to data visualization/enhancing data’s communicative power.” ? Seems obvious, when you are told, isn’t it?

Shouldn’t “how to create infographics” training be an integral part of Digital Analytics?

* I wrote an e-mail to Nicolas asking if he would not mind me using three of his slides. Waiting for response.


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