Hurrah! We are Nr.4 amongst top 10 – yeah, flops, but TOP!!! – of European 2.0 communication. Brave entry into Social Media battlefield of European Personnel Selection Office** – did receive its recognition! See; hope @euroced will appreciate the promotion and will pay me with same.

I feel kind of professionally jealous that @avaltat and @AnneCbxl, geek ladies behind nominations of flop 1,2 and 3 are on the tweeting terms with @euroced – and me – @agnemama not!!! Sure, there are objective reasons for that: “mama” as a component of twitter handle is more scary than sexy, and the total number of tweets I issued in my life is less than my age.

But it’s still January, so I can quickly add one more to the list of my NY resolutions: to befriend twitter more genuinely and to get better connected to the Brussels bubble social media crowd – BBSMC – wow!

Because its good to know, that @euroced does care of what we are doing, and does understand that clumsiness of our efforts is not intentional disrespect for online community, and our false notes (langue de bois) in online choir hurt our ears as much as those of everyone listening (reading that is).

That’s why you are important as our concert pitch – so we would be forced to improve.

Improve in talking about things that people are really interested to hear, searching for Raconteurs that would combine taste for writing with availability and willingness to do that on the top of their, say, auditor’s job in the office, and yes, they should also have a hierarchy understanding why this is important, also freeing our minds and spirits to sound genuine, helpful and funny within a framework of still rigid hierarchical organization.

Sure Brussels bubble understands that here we are talking about changing culture of how Institutions care about the citizen. Which takes time and patience and daily effort – and yes, it takes a stagier as well when we are lucky to have one! Otherwise it would take even more time and effort to tune into freshness of online media an institution where average age is much higher than number of my tweets.

And you know what? Our stagier (do you still remember us, Carli?) was correct to say that we do test competencies also at the first stage of competition. If anyone doubts it – post a question to “EU Careers – I’ve applied” rather than torturing 140 twitter characters. Some tools are better for some use than others.

*(Correct, I did not mean “bitch”, even if a trigger of this post identifies himself as dog’s best friend, but given our respective genders that might rather give an impression of me being a bitch, which I am not anymore. And it has nothing to do with the content of this post anyway. )

**For which I do work, let’s be clear about bias, but all the views in this blogpost are absolutely personal.

***Scorpions indeed are indication of my origin and age (Perestroika anthem in the country that does not exist any more).

2 Responses to BE MY PITCH* !

  1. galibuti says:

    Ha, this blog post was mentioned in the weekly digest of eu blogging portal!
    As someone with experience of 4 blogs I consider it a success. Thanks &ronpatz

  2. […] mon premier tacle à l’encontre d’EPSO, j’ai enfin touché le Graal ! En un billet, vous avez exaucé mon voeu le plus cher, être enfin reconnu par l’élite des recruteurs […]

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